Don’t ghost me

Hey, I know this topic is stupid, and it can be closed very soon. But my callsign is Cathay 662 heavy and I just don’t want to be ghosted. I may fly over the airport as I won’t be home and when I do get home that’s when I’ll start my descent as my iPad is at home, all I ask is that ATC doesn’t ghost me. Thank you so much😊.

Cooper 😊

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Flying from Hong Kong into Denver forgot to tell that

Ok, thank you! Thank you for understanding.

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Sorry for the topic mod can close this

Above 18,000ft, don’t forgot about Radar. I recommend flying over 21,000ft.

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As @Dylan_M said, the ATC will not mind if you’re circling at cruising altitude. You will most likely not be interfering with other traffic, so no problem


I’m at FL330 so I’m good I’m not at home and my iPad is at home

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Stay above 18000 AAL (23000 MSL at Denver if I’m not wrong). If approach is active, they will on-guard if you’re at or below 18,000, so stay above that to be safe.