Don’t Forget the Saudi 777-300 Livery!

PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS DOWN. I know that there is a subject on this!!! DONT VOTE EITHER. I just want to remind the IFD to add this livery in!

Now I’m gonna be honest, there is not much in this topic. But I just want to say IFD (Infinite Flight Developers) PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS LIVERY. This is one of my favorite livery’s especially on the 777-300. Just look at how beautiful it is!

Let me know if you guys would love to have this livery too!

Here is the subject link on this livery- Saudia B777-300ER

Not sure how to respond to this…

Either way, livery development for the 77W has been completed, we’ll all have to see if this beauty makes it in.


Yea, hopefully, I’m sure it has. I also hope Air India gets added to the 773

Hi there, this is classed as a duplicate as there is already a request where you can go and vote here :

Also when making a features request please follow the rules as stated here:

The rule is one photo only and also try your best to give detailed info to make your request stand out from others.

Hope this helps

Any questions then dont hesitate to PM me



He literally said that he was aware that there is another subject but okay, I mean thank you anyway.
But you’re right, this topic isn’t following the rules lol.


If there is already a request, go bump that one as Scott mentioned, no need to create a duplicate request especially if you know :)


Yea, I will change the photos to 1. As you see I put the subject of this livery on the bottom. Like I said I also already know this is a subject and all I’m trying to do is to remind the developers not to forget this livery.

Yes but duplicates arent allowed so it has to be closed:

Edit: i dont make the rules so dont get on at me

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Thanks for defending me. Yes I agree that there is no main point of this subject.

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Please name your source. I haven’t seen this around anywhere.


No source was provided, so I flagged the comment for moderation.

We do not know whether this is true.

The Infinite Flight Instagram account commented it on one of their posts. Can’t find it at the moment.

Besides, even if I didn’t have a source the 77W is well into beta testing and all liveries should’ve been completed anyways.

I think I saw that too, let me see if I can find it 🙂

Not necessarily.

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Not necessarily, devs can add or subtract as many liveries as they want, even after the update has pushed out, so we still don’t know whether this is true.

Either way, it’s spreading false information (at the moment, without a source), so please do not do this. No hard feelings 🙂

Duplicate request, please continue discussion in the original thread.