Don’t Do This…

Hello, IFC.

I usually post topics in a light and cheerful mood but sometimes I need to address some real issues.

I was flying with some friends ( @Stan7 and @Maxime_Flying) and a few nautical miles from the destination, a user spawned into the airport and copied our FPL.

This was at OERK and I was in an A319.

Instead of saying what happened, I will show you some pictures.

Takeoff from the taxiway

Chasing my friend down on final

Short final as well because why not

The nuisance landed safely but caused my friend to crash upon landing as they could not see the runway.
They lost an entire flight because of this guy, nice.

And takeoff from the taxiway… again.

Last but not least, purposely crashing into my aircraft as I was sitting at a gate.

“Well yeah don’t fly on casual, you know what you get…”

This. Was. On. The. Expert. Server.

As many people have stated previously and will continue to state, this unprofessional behavior on ES is getting more and more frequent and uncontrolled airports are the same on all the servers now… pure and utter chaos.

I’m not ordering anyone to do anything. Just maybe consider possibly making some changes to limit this kind of behavior would be nice.

After all, if I keep my grade up to fly on the ES it’s to avoid this stuff, that’s the whole “selling” point of the ES.

And if you are the kind of person who would do this, I’m always available for some fun at LAX on casual but please don’t ruin people’s flights on the expert server.

Thank you!



Thanks Robertine, vio 3 for him 😈


Wow incredible someone would do this, hopefully they get his name and some action is brought forward.


Perfect @Robertine !!! I hope this guy will be reported soon 💀😤😈


I hope too, terrible landing btw 😭


Last picture looks like a Butter landing for me…


Who? Me?

Professionals have standards 🤣

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Sorry I realized you were Robertine😭😭 I thought the guy you @ at the bottom was the guy then I realized it was you sorry.

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Oh lmao no problem 😂

Tell me their ifc and I will pay extra attention to this person if I ever see them


They don’t have an IFC account fortunately for them

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As expected, 99% of the trolls don’t have one. And my guess is most of them do know how to fly properly but only when ATC is online.


I’ve never heard it suggested, but maybe some of this could be handled by adding a layer of level one style violations… At least for those who deliberately break TCAS separation, and whatever other detectable conditions. 1st strike, booted from expert for x duration. 2nd strike, booted from expert for a longer time. 3rd strike, no expert for a long time.


he was just claiming his place :)

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People that do this should have their infinite flight accounts banned and their human rights revoked…

jk but we for real need to do something about these trolls


Can a dev or moderator please look at this.

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Welp why can’t people just do it on casual server tho usually if I want to mess around for a bit I go to casual :/


The pain I feel from this post. When doing the Miami event recently, there were planes cutting me off on the taxiway, even tho we were doing a one by one takeoff, and had people hopping over me the whole time. Maybe we should have pilot tests like there is with ATC on expert servers.


As Swiss001 once said. “That was a very thick tail strike.”