Don’t do a full stop before exiting the runway

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As I’m recognizing a lot of pilots coming to a full stop after exiting the runway and holding short at the hold short line I wanted to explain of how to deal with this situation the right way. I know this topic was already described but a reminder wouldn’t be bad imo.
So here we go:
If a pilot lands at the runway of his/her choice, ATC will tell him/her at around 70kts ground speed to exit the runway and contact ground on the taxiway. This means that the pilot is allowed to cross the hold short line! To contact Ground at a safe speed and to request taxi to parking.
Why is this mandatory: imagine there is a lot of traffic inbound and every single plane blocks the exit of the runway for a certain amount of time. This could make the work for Tower/Ground ATC very stressful at busy times as well as for other pilots recognizing that the exit of the runway is blocked. It’s obvious what happens if more then one pilot is coming to a full stop.

Sometimes you’ll also hear the command: continue taxi, which is the only viable command (as far as I know) to move the pilot beyond the hold short line and to contact ground. I hope this helped. For a better understanding check out the image attached.

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You know, I have heard a lot about this topic recently. I have never experienced said issues across the community, but it is easily understandable to be frustrating and distracting. That’s why it says ‘Exit Runway when Able’.

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Nah, not frustrating :). We just want to keep traffic flowing, which means less work for everyone. Thx for your reply.

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Thanks so much! It makes it much harder especially when controlling a busy airport. This is really needed.


Right, that’s what I did today. There was no critical conflict. But OMDB could end in a mess very fast.

Been sending this as a PM lately as its been a MAJOR problem when controlling over recent months.

Best thing to do is completely exit the runway before stopping. If you need time to switch, exit the runway, stop AFTER you have exited the runway and cleared beyond the hold short lines.

Correct stopping point (if you wish to stop, you do not have to)

Incorrect stopping point


Thx for the even more detailed information!

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