Don’t be afraid to go further!

I have recently created a post about a pilot that has reached a big milestone in infinite flight! Here is his story!

P.S: It’s actually 10 mil XP not 1 mil🙂

You can also congratulate him here!!



One thing i just saw in the title it says 1Mio XP but it’s 10Mio 🤔😂


Ahahaha, let me change that real quick 😅

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Very inspiring to read. 🙏🏾👌🏾👍🏾


What i didn’t mention in this Text was that behind me i have an wonderful crew that was on my side. very nice Pilots and Controller here in IF without one of them and the help of the complet crew i wouldn’t be IFATC now. So i let you all know who also carried me on my bad times of IFATC Training.
Thanks to :



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