Domestic usa route suggestions

Im in the USA and I need flight recommendations from Miami ( Domestic Medium Haul )

I like to fly to Chicago or Minneapolis from Miami

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More like 2.5 so you know

6 in a Cessna maybe 😂

Ik but like I want one that crosses the whole country / Scenic

Fly to LA or Seattle I really like Seattle


Ive done those too much

How about Portland?

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Tampa to Seattle
Philly to Portland
DC to San Fran


You can also do Boise

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From Mia a good one is up to YYZ (not domestic US but a good route). Another is MIA to DEN.

KMIA-KDFW or KMIA-KIAH, uses heavies and lighter aircraft, lots of options!

The forum gets a lot of these same questions. This topic and the resources provided should help you with route suggestions should you need some :)


I know this isn’t domestic, but see about doing American or Air Canada to Vancouver! Beautiful approach over the rockies. Highly recommend doing that.

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Going off of what @The_Real_Plane_Spott said, Vancouver is a beautiful city with the rockies and of you want a dual rocky mountain flight, you can do DEN-YVR. Air Canada flies this with the CRJ-900 and United flies it with the A320.

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Off the top of my head, you can do the following not from NY:

DCA - SAN (Alaska 737-900 or Virgin America A320)
BWI - SAN (Southwest 737-800)
BOS - SAN (Jetblue A321)
ATL - SNA (Delta A321 or 757)
RDU - LAX (American A321/737-800 or Delta 757/A321
RDU - PHX (American 737-800/A320)
RDU - SLC (Delta A321)
RDU - SEA (Delta 757/A321)
FLL - SEA (Alaska 737-900)

KMIA-KBOS American 737-800 or JBU A320 would be realistic.

Could also do it in an American 777

KLAS to KDEN travels across the Grand Canyon, Zion, The Great Dunes, Canyonlands, and the Rockies :) Very scenic

Miami to Salt Lake? Gorgeous desert views along the flight ;)

although not within the lower 48, you can try KMIA-TJSJ (San Juan, Puerto Rico). it’s still domestic and it’s medium-haul!