Domestic global event (coming soon)

Hey guys I am here to come up with possibly the first domestic global event

  • Departure:
  • Houston (IAH)
  • Dallas Fort-Worth
  • Phoenix (Mesa)
  • Miami

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  • Arrivals:
  • Seattle (Tacoma)
  • Minneapolis
  • Chicago O’Hare
  • Los Angeles
  • Boston

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Tell me in the comments what you voted for or any other airports I should add

Global isn’t here yet and we don’t know how long so I don’t think this is a good/productive topic.


Well just trying to come up with one before global so when it came comes out it could be made

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Well, Global is still in Alpha testing so you would be waiting significantly for it… plus we don’t know pricing. Maybe you won’t be able to afford it.

Here is a great solution: Plan the events when Global is out and you have a subscription to it (That is if it is subscription based) ;-)



Love seeing this airport as an option, but this is a duplicate.

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For American airlines virtual, AA383 was on takeoff at O’Hare international airport to Miami, that would be a nice flight to do a American airlines Boeing 767-300 route. @liamboyer99

  1. I will probably be able to afford it as I have a 100 dollar bill in a safe place
    And 2. My yearly subscription ends in 2018 in January

But this is a domestic flight not an international flight

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No it’s not,. That has some international flights, this one is domestic flights only