Domestic 747 Services

In November Qantas will let passengers on their ferry flights before and after their antarctic tours on the 747. That means just months before Qantas retires the 747, airports like YPAD will have a scheduled 747 flight. These flights are only a once-off, and, I have a ticket to fly YSSY to YPAD! Tickets for these flights are selling fast. In somewhat related news, On 28th and 29th July (Sunday and Monday), Qantas will operate military charters to Adelaide using B747-400/-400ER aircraft. The flights will likely be ex Rockhampton. The flight on the 28th will arrive at 1225pm ACDT and on the 29th, it will arrive at 5pm. On both flights, the aircraft will likely depart around 2 hours after arrival, assumably to their originating destination! (NOT PASSENGER SERVICES)
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im going on the 747 from YSSY-YBBN on november 9th

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Awesome, some great spotting oppurtunitys!


I’m onboard the Adelaide-Sydney service!

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Cool, i was originally going to go on that one


I’m trying to get on one of them but it all comes down to timing especially with very important things I need to get done this year

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Awesome to see the 747 still flying!

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Really Cool!

Hopefully those dont end like the Air New Zealand antartic tour with the DC-10. If you know what I’m talking about hopefully

Yea, hopefully not

Aircraft will probably change British airways were doing the same but it didn’t happen

If that were to happen, Qantas would have to some serious organising because when I booked, there were barely 20 seats left out of the whole plane.

Awesome man. Unfortunately my last 744 flight was like 5 years ago on Delta… Was always a great experience to ride her

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