Doing your solo the exact day you turn 16

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve made a topic on the forum but here I am once again. I’ve asked this questions to various other people but none of them know the answer. This led me to the IFC to see if any CFIs or just anyone knows the answer to my question.

So here’s the deal,

I want to solo the EXACT day I turn 16. Like I’m talking about the exact day I’m 16. I’ve heard seen people that have done their first solo the day they turned 16 and as of today that is one of my main goals. I know that you need a student pilots certificate to solo and it usually takes around three weeks from the day you apply to the day it arrives to your house for you to receive it. My question is the following: if it takes around three weeks to get your SPC , and some people do their first solo the day they turn 16, does it mean that they applied for it a few weeks before they were 16?? If not, does this mean that you don’t need a SPC for your first solo rather an endorsement from your CFI?? I’d gladly appreciate if someone could answer my question.

Happy landings!!


Generally once you start your flight training your certified flight instructor will have you applied for your student pilot certificate and then you will have a temporary one right away or it will take a few days ( you will get this one by email) and it takes a while like six weeks to get the green card


I believe that @Suhas wants to do this! Correct me if I’m wrong

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I’ve already begun flight training and my CFI hasn’t even mentioned it. Maybe it’s because I’m only 14 but I believe that shouldn’t be much of a problem. I’ll talk to him about it and see what he says.

It won’t really matter until you turn 15 1/2 because your still very far from getting it. You can still ask him to apply though as maybe you get into gliders between now and then and you’ll have it done

For some reason the country I live in doesn’t have gliders. I’m not too Interested in them either 😂 but I’ll see what I do regarding all of that since I turn 15 next month

I’d like to preface this by stating that I’m not a CFI. However, I also know of people that have solo’d on their 16th birthday.

As far as I know, there is a procedure within the FAA licensing system that allows you to pre-apply for your Student Pilot Certificate.

You’d have to get more specifics from your primary instructor and school, but it can be done. Good luck!

Join the crew, man! I’m 14 with a couple of hours under my belt! My instructor is very confident in the way i fly, and hopefully I’ll fly solo as soon as I’m 16!

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Same here dude! My instructor already thinks that I have what it takes to solo. He joked around with “the only thing that’s stopping you from soloing is your age and your height” 😂

I think I’ll share this moment… This was the moment I took the controls of an aircraft for the first time. The instructor gave me a basic idea of the controls I already understood, and plus… my mic didn’t work. Trying to fight the turbulence and crosswind being thrown at me wasnt helpful. It was like an Xplane 10 mobile tutorial, but in a PA28 😂

Ignore my steep bank against the winds here 😳🙄


I think doing a solo on your birthday is the most rewarding present ever. Go for it! 🤘🏻

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Thank you, I appreciate the help!

Ahh yes I remember the first day I flew an airplane. I’ll never forget that day and I’m sure you won’t either 😂 it’s truly a wonderful experience and I’m eager to one day be a pilot regardless of all the struggle…that will eventually pay off 😉

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Well sounds like something I could do. My dad is a CFI, and is a commercial pilot so I’m hoping that can boost my credibility when applying for airlines. But this sounds like something I would love to accomplish.

i’m quite jealous of you guys now, because in my country, 16 is 16 and there’s nothing i can do before that. i’d pay dear to be able to start flight training at my age.

frankly, if you can even take to the skies at 14, it’s a huge privilege.

Wait, who told you that… I don’t think I’ve told anyone on the IFC…
Lol but yea I do! That’s the plan. I am also going to start driving on my 15th bday (oml I can’t wait) and maybe the day after I turn 16 get my license, unless the solo doesn’t take too long and I could do it in the same day. Wow, that would be an amazing birthday. My two favorite things: Cars and Planes! And food…


You told me in a PM lol

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Well I hate to break it to you but that’s impossible, you can’t get your PPL when you’re 16 regardless of how many hours you have. You’re eligible to get your PPL once you’re 17 :)

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Yep sorry, I totally forgot about that! I meant to say soloing. Brain fart

@Ecoops123 can’t help but notice your ‘death grip’ on the yoke there…! Relax, it’s not going to bite you. Aircraft should be flown with fingertips. Understandable if this is your first time taking the controls, but a looser, more relaxed grip will allow you to make smaller, more accurate inputs to the yoke, avoiding steep banks like the one you show.
First time flying is always amazing though, so I’m glad you could join the club!

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