Doing your real life flights but in IF

ooo different kind of route, i like it. I will get to this asap

Cool, ill check it out.

nice, I will do it sometime this week or next week

First of all welcome to IFC, If you have any questions let us know and we can try to help you asap. Surprisingly for as long as i have been playing IF i havent flown LAX-SYD so this will be a cool route to try. I have done DCA to MSY on American though, I will do it with southwest though. Thanks for the reply!

A couple from the flights I took last year are LGW-BIO and same back home with Vueling Airlines on an A320. I did also fly onboard the Finnair A350 from LHR-HEL so if you haven’t done those routes then there’s two for you. The rest of my flights last year were regional they’re a bit flavourless to mention them for you to fly, although you most likely have flown some UK regional routes before already. I like your idea as well btw thanks for sharing!

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I’ve been here for a few months. Thanks though 😂

I’ve also done BWI if you want a new airport. Same airline

Kphl to KSEA in a American a321.

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AAL 569
KCLT-PHNL (or the other way you’ll have to check)
Back in late 2021

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Southwest 737-700

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