Doing WSSS-KEWR tonight any tips

Hey everybody so I am going to do the longest flight in the world WSSS-KEWR tonight and am going to use the 787-10 are there any other aircraft I can use? Also please give me some tips if you have any. Happy landings 😊

Step climbing and prayers should work.


Step climb. This is a must. Or else you have a good chance of not making it. The 78X should have enough range.


@KennedyTurner lol 😂 thx

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@Gotcha are there any other aircraft that I could use that will make it for sure

i think the 789 has more range and the 788 has the most i believe

You won’t “make it for sure” unless you step climb. With the 78X you can make it should do it.

Just don’t climb to 35000 or whatever your cruise altitude is, right away.

I will use the 787-10 I think. It’s the closest Singapore airlines livery and plane to the a350 so I’m gonna use that.

Yes I know but I am using Singapore airlines

Your first altitude and prayer should be at FL260

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I definitely will step climb how about when I’m sleeping though?

Plan it well.

Step climbing is no 30 minute process though

But I am going to be step climbing I’m gonna start it in an hr and a half since it’s an 18 hr flight I will step climb I will have like 7 hr flight time when I go to bed so

Yes I am going to step climb I will have 7 hrs before bed to do it

Start the flight a bit earlier, or set alarms to change the altitude. I use SimBrief to plan long hauls.

Or start your flight early morning and finish at night.

Yeah I use simbrief too I plan to start it at 3:30 pm my time and to land at at 9:30 am my time since it’s an 18 hr flight

You can also use IFAssistant to step climb for you.

How do I use if assistant to step climb for me?