Doing ultra long haul flight tonight from Newark-Jakarta

Any advice guys to make flight more smooth without crash device, I’m afraid that my infinite flight app error again… Lemme know your suggestion in below comment section! ;)

Make sure your Auto Pilot is properly set, and always monitor your flight untill it is at cruising altitude before going away/to sleep.
And the tips Kai gave below

If you’re experiencing app crashes, it is likely because your device is low on memory, which causes the OS to kill Infinite Flight. To try and avoid it, you can do the following;

  • Restart your device before a flight (this clears the memory and closes other running apps)
  • Try lowering your Texture Quality to Medium - you need to do this from the main menu before starting your flight
  • Lower all graphics settings if your device becomes hot

Best of luck!


Haven’t tried a long haul yet, my secondary device that i would do it on has been busy as well.

Assuming i cranked the graphics settings down before taking off, can at least some of them be increased when near TOD?

Yep absolutely. You could even have them up for takeoff, turn them down once you’re climbing on AP, then turn them up again before you land. I do that just as a way to save battery life and it works a treat :)


im almost arrive in Jakarta, wish me luck babe :)

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What’s your callsign? I’d like to track you!

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Supergreen 668 // NicholasJovian
Expert Server
Cruising FL390

tysm bro

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Found ya! Safe flight my man!

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thank you bro^^

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Good luck man!

thank you sir! i’m at Riau Island rn :)

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