Doing the longest flight in the world!

Today I flew from John F Kennedy Airport to Singapore Changi. Firstly I would like to thank @applepro243 and @InfiniteArya for joining the full flight, and @CaptainAzriq for joining part of the flight because his device crashed.

Flight Details

Route:KJFK to WSS
Aircraft:Singapore Airlines A350
Flight time:18 hours

Now to the photos :p (All texts refer to the photo below)

  1. Us parked together at gate

  2. Us off the coast of Iceland
  3. Us arriving at Europe

    5.Sunrise about half an hour past Moscow
  4. Some cool scenic shot

    7.Cruising over India

    8.Final Approach

    9.Butter runway 02L at Singapore!
  5. Us parked together at Singapore @applepro243 (left), me (middle) and @InfiniteArya (right)

I hope you enjoyed these photos and once again thanks to everyone that joined.


Nice pic but they do this flight from ewr

Apparently they are going to JFK now too

Nice pics!

They recently shifted to JFK

They used to but now Singapore Airlines operates from KJFK

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Great guys.Right now flight from JFK to Delhi with @LongHaulGuy