Doing The Impossible at Courchevel


Two days ago, I attended an event by @bbrockairbus at LFLJ, also known as Courchevel Altiport, in France. We essentially took the biggest plane we could and tried to land at the airport. We saw 757’s, 777’s, MD-11’s, 767’s, and even a 747 attempt the landing, it was a blast to watch the landings. So without further ado, here we go!

@bbrockairbus and his 737 sit parked in the grass in front of my 767, with @Ethan_Brown in the background with his A318.

Sadly my device decided to randomly shut down so I couldn’t see @MJP_27 or @Aviation2929’s landings (sorry guys), but when I got back it was my turn to takeoff. The 767 is like a rocket when you only have 2% load.

A view of my successful landing from @Delta’s point of view in his 777 cockpit. I held first for a majority of the competition (I won’t spoil in the winner yet though).

@Ethan_Brown about to touch down in his A318.

The mighty 777 on approach piloted by @Delta. Spoiler: He crashed and hit the mountain. 😛

Next up, we have the one and only @bbrockairbus, the event host himself coming in to land.

Looks like we have our winner! @Airnico_9962_on_YT managed to land the 747 a Courchevel airport, a first as far as I know. Congrats! 🥳😂

@Altaria55 pulling off an impressive 180 on landing in his MD-11. Sadly it didn’t win him 1st place, but it was the shortest landing of the day and he also got second.

@MJP_27 attempting to land the A380 (it worked). This was after the event was officially closed from what I heard, but it was cool.


Mid-event @MJP_27 fell off the airport. So he decided he was going to do some mountain climbing to get back up to the airport! 😂

How about a quiz!

What degree is the runway at Courchevel Altiport sloped at?
  • 18.6% slope
  • 21.3% slope
  • 14.7% slope
  • 15.1% slope

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The answer to my last quiz was Gannett Peak, which 51% of you got correct.

Special shout-out to @bbrockairbus for hosting this event, it was great! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day IFC!


OMG 😂😂😂😂

You caught me climbing up the mountain. Nice photos!


Lmao that looked like a lot off fun haha!

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I most certainly did see you climbing the mountain. Dare you to climb Mount Everest now @MJP_27. 😂

@Pilot_Felix, it was really fun, lol.


i did indeed land there in a 748i lol. it was great fun

Of course it was fun for you, you won! 😜

Just kidding lol.

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Very nice screenshots! Thanks to everyone who attended and thanks to @Butter_Boi for making this amazing topic!

“The one and only” 😂

Thanks, and no problem!

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Brake fires and popped tires…


We spent our entire pro subscription payment on new brakes and tires after the event. 😛


IRL that would be extremely accurate.


Ngl should have took a 717 instead of a A380 its harder to land

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Would’ve been a real challenge to land that.

@bbrockairbus, next time we need to give people bonus points for flying the 717. 😜


Ay DM me next time I’ll try my best lol