Doing many flights without closing - slow response

This is not a support question; I just want to find out if others have experienced this.

Has any of you done a larger number of long flights, without quitting the IF app? So, same plane, for many flights, don’t close.

I took off from ZSQD on Tuesday, flew to Denver. On Wednesday I did a few flights in the area, and at the end of the day, I depearted KICT to fly to Birmingham. Right now, I’m on my way to Brussels. I wonder what the XP will add up to ;-)

However, the aircrafts (772ER) is become more and more difficult to fly. Buttons are getting ‘insensitive’ and laggy, throttle response is becoming weird, the landscape load is starting to jitter. It’s getting to a point where it just gets too hard.

I use an iPad Pro, my internet comnection is stable. I fly with my screen dimmed, and my device is not overheating.

And, it’s not really a problem, because if I would close IF after every one or two flights, like normal people do, there would be no issues at all.

But I am interested to find out what’s happening here. A memory leak in the IF app? Apple issue? Something else?

And…has onyone done this? How long did you fly IF before you closed the app? Any issues?

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This should work;

  1. Click the three white bars at the bottom-right hand corner.
  2. Click the cog looking button. That’s the settings.
  3. Stay in the general category and scroll to the bottom.
  4. Click the “Clear Scenery Cache.”

This works for me! Hope it helps you too!

I have an S8 and have had the app running 48 hours straight 777 did get a bit laggy but I noticed and diverted swapped plains and carry on to japan

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One thing you could do is clear your RAM

  1. Hold down the power button until the “slide to power off” comes up
  2. Hold down the home button until it disappears

This should make your device run faster
Hope this helps :)

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I don’t believe that corrupt scenery is what the OP is referring to as to be the problem; he’s saying that IF’s performance is decreasing the longer he is flying in the same session, including scenery loading slower.

By your description, it does look like a memory leak, however from what I’m aware Apple has protection in place to prevent them happening.

I also have an iPad Pro, and when the CPU is being put under significant workload, the screen automatically dims and the frame rate decreases significantly. From what I’m aware, this is to protect the iPad from overheating and potential damage to the CPU. However, you said your device is not overheating, therefore an overload for the CPU doesn’t look to be to problem.

Are you running apps in the background? Because technically, IF is not being run simulatously with other apps, but the OS switches between apps really (really) quickly which makes the user think that the computer uses runs the programs at the same time, which it isn’t. Therefore the more apps (it doesn’t actually have to be apps, can be things like syncing the time with the iPad and the server, checking the day of the week; pretty much any task done by the OS) you have open, the more apps the OS has to switch to per second, meaning it has to allocate less RAM per app, therefore leading to a decreased performance.

These are my thoughts on what’s happening, however I’m not an IT Consultant therefore I cannot be 100% certain as to what is causing the decrease in performance.


Scenery cash was cleared about 9 times during the flights and on the platforms

Whatever you do DO NOT do this during the flight (Seems like common sense but lots of people have probably done it) because then it’ll wipe the RAM used for Infinite Flight and it will go back to the loading screen and you’ll lose your flight.


Thanks to @Starley I got closer to what is happening.

This was discussed during the flightcast prior to Global release.

The issues I face may be related to what is named here as the ‘floating precision issue’. Has to do with how far you are from your point of origin. Being far away, makes ‘math precision’ harder.

Makes me realise how many calculations are going on, while I’m asleep during a long haul flight… 😊


I would simply do all those flights before arriving into KICT then end flight, reboot, clear ram, reinstall app, and I’d be good to go!

Yes, that is what we normally do.
This topic, however, is about what happens if we don’t do what we normally do.

I’m still interested to hear from others, such as @BA-CityHopper.
What is the max number of hours you flew, without (ot with) the mentioned issues, before you had to quit the game.

About 32 hours and a performance change across Atlantic on the way back as started to derate fps.

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So have you ended the flight at all or not?

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Nope, still going.
After my Denver to Birmingham flight and then on to Brussels, I am now on my way to Belfast. There I will wait for the FNF info, and do another flight.
Depending on how this goes, I will quit, or press on.

What I noticed is that the issues I have are more related to responsiveness of the ‘buttons’. I have to press and hold the ALT or SPD button’s for at least 2 seconds before I get a response. Also the camera and his/systems button is sluggish. Rendering still looks good, beautiful landscape rolling away below me 🌍


How many hours is that now? That’s pretty weird as I have flown and am currently flying with no issues for long periods of time without ending the flight.

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My trips so far. (all in the 777-200 KLM, without closing the IF app).

I will update the overview below, as I fly.

Tuesday ZSQD to Denver was about 10 hours
Flying around in the US on Wednesday: about 7
To Brimingham: 8 hours.
Thursday Brimingham to Brussels: about 1.5 hours, then Brussels to Belfast: 2 hours, followed by Belfast - Amsterdam 1.5 hours, and back to EBBR.

Currently en route from Brussels to Delhi (VIDP).

UPDATE: aircraft crashed on it’s way to Delhi. I don’t know where and why, but it did result in 12 violations, and me now being a Grade 1 :-(
Log shows a total of 33 hours flight.

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Hey Anton! I have done this but only flying 3 short hauls and not closing the app. Altogether the app was open maybe 5 hours. When I then came in for my final approach at an airport with other people, my app crashed. Very annoying so I wouldn’t recommend it, even though it’s quiet cool not closing the app.
I am also using iPad Pro, but for some reason my whole IF app got dogie after that…

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I’m going on 45 hours now on my air 2 with no issues and I have done newrly 50 on my iPhone 6s so I don’t think that’s the issue. Perhaps it could be how many landings you have done in addition to the flight hours…

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I think it’s got to do with landings. Ultra long hauls are completely fine but it the lag comes in after having landed at different busy airports


I’m sorry, I’d just be too scared of the game crashing. But now I’m gonna try more nonstop flights without ending flight. Thanks for the idea!


I won’t be able to help with your issue, but what i can do is sharing my own personal experience since you asked in the main thread post ;)

My answer would be Yes, many times have i done this for cointinuous amount of hours. A few that i’ve done i the past week or so that i can remember are…
2. Emirates last week, Dubai to Orlando the back to Dubai, then to Dhaka a total of 35h.
3. AA from Dallas to LAX, to Tokyo, to LAX again.
4. China Airlines from Taipei to SFO then back to Taipei and then to Hong Kong.

I have done many more where i have accumulated above 30h and without and performance issues, no lags no matter traffic… I guess i’m just lucky that the game hasn’t crashed a single time not do i face any issues with ram management nor screen burn, not overheating, no nothing pretty much so… It’s all green for me :)

Device: iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen (2017 Ver.)

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