Doing Every Flight from San Diego (KSAN) Part One

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This post was inspired by this post and this post. I plan to do every scheduled flight from San Diego to beyond that is on This is part one, which has 36 destinations, and there are 73 in total. Here is the first half that I have to complete. Note that flights will be chosen randomly. All flights are on Expert.

About KSAN

San Diego is a focus city for Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines. The top five carriers in San Diego as of January 2020 are Southwest Airlines (37.8%), Alaska Airlines (14.3%), Delta Air Lines (12.6%), United Airlines (12%), and American Airlines (11.8%). San Diego International is the busiest single-runway airport in the United States and third-busiest single runway in the world, behind Mumbai Airport and London Gatwick. The airport’s landing approach is well known for its proximity to the skyscrapers of Downtown San Diego, and can sometimes prove difficult to pilots for the relatively short usable landing area, steep descent angle over the crest of Banker’s Hill, and shifting wind currents just before landing. San Diego International operates in controlled airspace served by the Southern California TRACON, which is some of the busiest airspaces in the world.

Source: Wikipedia


Destination ICAO Flight Number A/C Type Flight Time Completed on
Paris LFPG Air France 0302 B77W 10h 55m
Frankfurt EDDF Lufthansa 467 A343* 11h 25m
Chicago KORD American Airlines 1458 B738 4h 4m
Dallas KDFW Spirit 2876 A319 3h 2m 07/23
Atlanta KATL Delta 743 B753* 4h 8m 07/21
London EGLL British Airways 272 B744** 10h 30m
Denver KDEN Southwest 1902 B738 2h 35m 07/29
Los Angeles KLAX United 5642 CRJ2 55m 07/20
Houston KIAH Spirit 532 A320 3h 19m
Zürich LSZH Edelweiss 19 A343* 12h 5m
New York KJFK JetBlue 8719 A321 5h 35m
Toronto CYYZ Air Canada 1886 A321 4h 43m
Charlotte KCLT American Airlines 1751 A321 4h 43m
Newark KEWR Alaska 772 B739 5h 30m
Miami KMIA American 1209 B738 5h 4m
Minneapolis KMSP Delta 943 A320 3h 38m
Washington KIAD United 546 A320 4h 53m
Orlando KMCO Southwest 946 B738 5h
Philadelphia KPHL American Airlines 433 B738 5h 20m
Boston KBOS JetBlue 620 A320 5h 34m
San Francisco KSFO United 5909 E175* 1h 26m 07/21
Montreal CYUL Air Transat 199 A321* 5h 5m
Detroit KDTW Spirit 2878 A319 4h 21m
Las Vegas KLAS Southwest 2012 B737 1h 20m 9/15
Fort Lauderdale KFLL JetBlue 530 A320 5h 2m
Tokyo RJAA Japan Airlines 65 B788* 11h 35m 07/26
Phoenix KPHX Frontier 2946 A320 1h 20m 07/20
Seattle KSEA Alaska 209 B739 2h 52m
Vancouver CYVR WestJet 1753 B738 2h 56m 08/21
Salt Lake City KSLC Delta 2122 A319 1h 52m 07/20
Nashville KBNA Southwest 1376 B738 4h 07/24
Baltimore KBWI Southwest 2624 B738 5h 10m
Calgary CYYC WestJet 1565 B738 3h 9m
Chicago KMDW Southwest 344 B737 3h 50m
Portland KPDX Alaska 371 B739 2h 26m
St. Louis KSTL Southwest 1833 B737 3h 30m

*Will use the closest thing to the aircraft and/or airline.
**sad to see the 747 go.

Remember these are only half of the destinations.


If only this was in the game 😭😭😭

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Flight 1:

San Diego (KSAN) - Los Angeles (KLAX)
Aircraft: United Express CRJ2
Flight time: 26m
Total time: 46m

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Good luck!

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The SAN-LAX flight has been completed!

Flight 2:

Route: San Diego (KSAN) - Phoenix (KPHX)
Flight Number: Frontier 2946
Aircraft: A320
Flight Time: 1h 20m

STATUS: Landed


This seems to be catching on a lot, imagine doing one for Heathrow that must take months :P Good luck with all your flights :)

Happy Flying

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Flight 3:

Route: San Diego (KSAN) - Salt Lake City (KSLC)
Flight Number: Delta 2122
Aircraft: A319
Time: 1h 52m

STATUS: Landed

Beautiful scenery!


Dang. That’s gonna be alottttttttt of flights. You’re gonna know US from coast to coast by the end of this lol

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Yep. Planning to do 2 to 3 flights a day. *if possible

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Flight 4:

Route: San Diego (KSAN) - Atlanta (KATL)
Flight Number: Delta 743
Aircraft: Boeing 757-300 (will use B752)
Flight Time: 4h 8m

Status: Landed
The landing sucked.

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Whenever I am able.

I will join to FLL because I live there

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Sure! I can do that for Flight 5.

I chose a random airline to fly.

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Oh sorry I didn’t read careful enough.

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Dang nice job mate!

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I’m interested in joining a few, let me know if your flying to Zürich, Charlotte, Paris, Montreal or Tokyo

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The flight to Atlanta has now departed!

Flight 5:

Route: San Diego (KSAN) - San Francisco (KSFO)
Flight Number: United 5909
Aircraft: E175 (will use E170)
Time: 1h 26m
Status: Landed

Sorry I took a while

Flight 6:

Route: San Diego (KSAN) - Dallas (KDFW)
FLIGHT NUMBER: Spirit 2876
Aircraft: A319 (will use A320)
Time: 3h 2m
status: landed WELL