Doing ATC with your own voice

Hi everyone, this is what I’ve wanted to get off my mind for a long time but IF should have actual people talking (us) cause it would make a more realistic approach for the app, pretty much that’s where the realism is


Hi @Dom_Strange,
Laura and Jason talked about this in there latest developer livestream. In summary, there isn’t a way to moderate what people would say when communicating with others.


Thanks for pointing this out to me 🙂

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For example, if you have read the blacklist of the community and the VA’s, there is no way of preventing those people from doing those things on ATC.

I would recommend just join a vocal ATC club.

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There used to be a VO called IFATS which used voice atc using discord and flying on the casual server… it could still be a thing idk

It shut down but there may or may not be another one in the works by yours truly

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Anyone knows any other VO’s who do voice?? I’d be thrilled to be a part and share my knowledge :D

This has been mentioned but if you want vocal ATC I’d just go to a Vocal ATC Club. Also there is another challenge if we do have vocal ATC and there could be a language barrier in this situation.

join vocal ATC clubs

Join BAVA they do VATC events which is done over dicord and communicating with your voice and proper terms


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