Doing a crazy long flight in the A350

Doing RCTP-SBGL on my second phone right now, and may fly back again.
I am on Casual, taking a route through the US west coast if you want to follow me, callsign Dynasty 3509 Heavy. (Might show up as Air China, selected the wrong when at first by mistake)
If you spot me above 666kts ground speed take a screenshot if you can :D Probably will be in a few hours over the pacific.

For those doing very long flights in the A350: I did some fuel flow testing with AP set to M.85. For some reason, the best altitude never goes above FL340. M.85 at FL310 will make it anywhere in the world if you have a reasonable flight plan, and full fuel MTOW (at the sacrifice of less load of course).


Enjoy your ultra long haul! Doing Singapore - Newark soon.

@anon72640624 I‘m doing the opposite atm. Landing in 9 hours. Have fun!

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That’s gonna be my first on expert probably, after UVAL updates that codeshare to A350. I have to see how well my old phone can handle the new update cuz it is starting to lag a bit.

Good luck. Im landing in 16 hours lol

Currently doing WSSS - KEWR with @EyesSkyward. 17 hours left!

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