Doha to Singapore!

Hey guys!

So I am currently on a short school break, so I got the chance to go to Singapore to visit some old friends!

My flight was QR944

OTHH (Doha) —> WSSS (Singapore)
Flight time: 8 hours
Seat: 27H (if I remember correctly)
Aircraft: Qatar airways A350-1000

I got a great window view so I decided to share some pics with you! Enjoy :)

1 Great shot of the wing upon boarding by bus

  1. Sat in my seat

  1. V1, rotate!

  1. Turning right out of Doha and headed to Singapore

  1. Upon climb

  1. Cruising altitude Of 37,000ft

  1. Starting to get a little late

  1. Getting even later as we get closer to Singapore

  1. Starting out descent

  1. Slowly descending

Unfortunately I didn’t take any more pictures as it was late and it was dark, so the pictures were horrible.

Anyways, I hope you liked these!

Thanks for looking, and as always see you around, or in the skies!


Very nice pics @AlphaSeven 👍🏽👊🏽😄

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I found you on FR 24 your so lucky you got to go on the A350 Hope you had a nice flight


Thanks guys!

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Did you see the big stuffed bear in Doha?

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Wish I could sit in an a350 during a short school break.
Very nice pictures and I hope you had a nice flight :)

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I wish I could go to Singapore on my school break ;)

Lucky, and great pics!

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Whoa so cool! What an experience to be in a A350! Glad you had a safe flight!

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Awesome! I’ll be flying a Qatar A350-900 next month. It is an all night flight though, but I’m still excited!

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Nice! And you got on an A350… I’m jealous


That’s awesome mate! I wish you a great time :)

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Haha thanks a lot ;)

Now for the important question…
DiD tHe PiLotS bUttEr tHE BreAd?

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It was actually a really good landing! Not a butter though ;)

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As long as the plane still flies, it’s good lol.

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wow how did you do that infinite flight photo looks so real

i’m just messing with you looks good tho


Haha thanks!

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Did you bump into any IFC members? 👀 👀 👀


Haha nope…

I wish i could go to Singapore. It costs me $3000 CAD Round Trip with all the other expenses

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