Doha to Mumbai My first Youtube Video

Hi everyone I just uploaded my first Youtube Video Go check it out!!
Aircraft: Qatar B77LR
Server: expert server
Flight time: 2:20min

Shout out to @Mafiaviation joining me


Nice, just subscribed!

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Good Job!! Hope to see more in future… 😍
Btw, who was the other pilot flying that B77L?

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Its @Mafiaviation is the one at VABB who joined with me and the third one idk another pilot at OTHH

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Oh lol I just realized that’s you lol

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Would you guys like to fly some time? @Captainflight @Mafiaviation


Yea sure we could do that

Surely sir! ☺️

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Nice video!! I have subscribed to you :)

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The flight was supposed to be 4hrs but there was a ton of tailwind there

I re uploaded the video since the first one had problems