Doha to Houston

Is it a Ultra long haul route or long haul? Cause for me 16 hours+ is consider Ultra long haul


And @LordWizrak would consider it a short haul. It’s all up to your interpretation, I guess.


I classify anything up to 6 hours as a short haul, thank you very much. It’s all elaborated in detail based off how much work and how much sleep I can get on a flight.

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Are you missing the 1 in 16 there?


No, because 16 is a long haul. Not an ultra long haul by my standards.


Where’s the medium haul though 👀

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i think it is technically classified as an ultra long haul, but it is all up to your interpretation of it. if you frequently fly 24 hour flights, then it probably won’t feel too long lol

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From my standard 8-12 hours are considered long haul, 12-15 hours are Extended Range Haul (something made up by me to decide what to fly at night), and 15+ hours are ULH


Yeah… I guess 30 is enough… right?

I classify anything from 0 to 6 hours a short-haul, anything from 7 to 11 hours a medium-haul, anything from 12 to 16 hours a long haul, anything above that is an ultra-long haul.

I would say that’s an ultra long haul, but my long hours are 12,13,14 hours. I say anything above 14/15 are ultra long hauls. But if you are normally doing 17 hour flights, than this may be a long haul for you, as a 22 hour flight may be ultra long. I guess it’s all about what your used too and what your standards are. 😊

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