Doha to Auckland in 10 replay screenshots

Airline: Qatar Airways (Boeing 777-200LR)
Callsign: QR920
Departure Airport: Doha Hamad Int’l airport (DOH:OTHH)
Arrival Airport: Auckland Airport (AKL:NZAA)
Server: Expert
Date of departure: 7th June 2019
Date of arrival: 8th June 2019.
Flight time: 16hr:19min
Screenshot information: Shots taken in order of progress (1 departure, 10 landing) and time of day varied on some. No hard editing, just a slight tone up and contrast.

The ultra long haul flight - a wonder of the modern world in my opinion. Miles travelled on these routes are pretty much touching 4 figures now. The Perth to London route caused a massive stir as people simply couldn’t believe you could fly to and from London/ Australia direct without making a connection. Then it started, almost a competition as well as opening up new, longer direct routes. Airlines battling for the top spot - just who can travel the most on one fill up? Until the Singapore Airlines took the top spot on the Newark/ Singapore route in October 2018, that crown was worn by Qatar Airways on flight QR921 from Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar using the Boeing 777-200LR.

This one here is QR920 - the outbound leg from Doha to Auckland. It’s the shorter one of the 2, historically taking around 16-16.5 hours and the return leg pushing 18 hours sometimes which is still considered to be good. We departed Qatar with 228 passengers on board and a crew ready to service them with the traditional Qatar Airways menus and amenities. Most of the passengers were very tired and wanted to sleep straight away. A 3am departure and a lot of them had already been travelling for most of the day - there were only a few Qatari nationals on board today and most passengers had connected in Doha via another destination.

The flight went very well - step climbing through 31/33/35/37 thousand feet as the aircraft lost weight and those mighty General Electric GE GE90-110B1L engines carefully sipped their way through the huge fuel reserve on board. I opted not to fully brim the tanks as this is not really common practice in reality but left a good surplus just in case of any unexpected events. The heavy -200 crawled through the taxiways with no other aircraft at the airport but still announcing the next steps in UNICOM just in case. After reaching FL31 the red fuel indicator finally turned to the magical “enough fuel” colour and we bedded in well for the big cruise.

Some tips/advice for long hauling (just from my own experiences, so this is purely personal preference). It’s noticeably heavy when laden fuel which is a great physics aspect - on initial climb and after levelling out on NAV course the plane can be physically slightly wobbly with all that fuel, though the passengers will hardly feel it. I gave it a good 3 hours before the step climb to FL33. It can be quite challenging finding the right variable balance on the longer haul flights but stick with it - even if the fuel levels are still indicating red initially, don’t panic - they will eventually level out as the flight progresses (unless well under fuelled) quite often earlier than you might think. Using the auto speed function at cruise is essential as well. I used to just leave the throttle at a set manual % at first when attempting the long hauls which would often see a load of overspeed violations hours later either at cruise or slowly dropping down into the sea, external factors or just weight loss being a big cause so the auto set speed will keep it level. With that though, it is likely to need amending at various points and depending on how realistic you want to keep the flight, adjusting it to match the real flight times as the plane speeds up or even slows throughout is handy.

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