Doha-Lax expert

Hello I want to do a flight from Doha to lax but I can’t find the parking of Qatar for international flights.

At LAX or Doha?

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Doha sorry

I suggests you search it up on google Qatar Airways Doha International terminal and it should show the Information you want!


Doesn’t show

Oh that’s fine but they use Terminal 1 for International

Thanks would you like btw to do it with me

And what is terminal 1 it’s in letters in infinite flight

It 11pm where I live right now and I have school tomorrow I not be able to do it it thanks for asking! I would like too

Use a website such as FlightAware to find out. Just google the flight:

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Didn’t see that and it’s funny because I decoded the flight plan

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I can give you the exact gate they use gate C5 for Doha to LAX flight


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All questions answered