Doha - Helsinki | Qatar A359 (First successful A350 flight)

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Yesterday did my first actual successful A350 flight from Hamad International to Helsinki-Vantaa International as part of the Middle East flyout event hosted by BravoCharlie. (Yes it was my first A350 flight, I originally tried to do a flight from Manila to Heathrow in a Philippine A359 but that failed coz my game crashed.) Very clean and good 5-hour flight (but when I got to approach, because I was busy with something else I had to make a few holding patterns, delaying my arrival into the airport). Fortunately, my landing V/S was -141fpm so that wasn’t bad. Also I forgot to change the visibility which is why most of the sky is white

Aircraft Route and Details

Aircraft: A359 (A350-900)
Airline: Qatar Airways
Callsign: Qatari 301
Route: OTHH - EFHK
Flight Time: 6h 55 minutes
Server: Expert

Spawned in next to @AlphaSeven and @AviatorAlex, who are in B788 (I think they were both headed to Athens).

Taxiing down to 16R, I’m in the back of a line of 4 A350s, meanwhile, @AlphaSeven has just taken off.

Now lining up runway 16R, with another A350 in the background (yeah there were a lot of A350s)

Now taken off with again 2 A350-900s and a 787-8, all 3 taxiing down to 16L

Now flying over Baku’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Azerbaijan. You can see a generic A350 which I think would be @shat

Skipping way ahead onto short-final, this the cockpit back view.

Finally finishing it off with some good looks of the gears before touchdown.

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Nice shots, man!

That’s correct. It’s alright about the tags, I’m fine with it

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That second to last shot is great!

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Thank you! @AviatorAlex @Sashaz55


Lovely photos! Thanks for participating and flying with my favourite airline ;)


These are some interesting angles, good job

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Thank you! @Infinite_Qantas @AlphaSeven


Wow! they look very good.
Keep’em going

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Dear @TransportForLife

It’s very good to see, that you have enjoyed yesterday’s event, and you could make your first successful flight with a Qatar A350-900! You made very nice pictures and if you give us your approval we would like to repost a few of them on our social media accounts, of course with your name in the credit. For that please provide your Instagram name, if you have an account! And you are very welcome to join our airline!

Kind regards,

Abel Kocsis
Vice-President of Qatar Virtual

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Very nice shots for A350!!!🤩

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Thank you! @Steve_Jiang @QatarAirwaysVirtual @Zach_inkling

I might consider that currently though until I get a bigger subscription as mine is about to run out.