Doh! Fell asleep, ran out of fuel and stalled

@Dwane_S The replay of his crash was posted a few post back ( if you want to see ).

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Technically, you are supposed to have more fuel than you would use! I landed a 13h flight with 3-4 hours of fuel left! U should never have exactly the amount needed! Also helps when you fall asleep :)

This title literally exemplifies @dush19’s entire IF journey.


I don’t run out of fuel that often but sure do overshoot my destination everytime


Top 10 saddest Anime deaths.

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I got my 2nd 5 violation few days ago. sitting in naughty corner for 7days :( It was silly mistake, I set up VNav on flight plan from button up then important visitor turned up left it for 15min the plane nose dived from top of the climb to 4000ft. Learned my lesson. Never leave vnav half done.

This sucks. You can’t really do anything besides waiting for them to clear up. Plan your fuel accordingly next time it’s a good lesson for the future.

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I think my report was removed! 😊

If you were a real pilot, this would cause a new documentary for “Air Crash Investigation” and Boeing and Airbus are not responsible for your mistake ;)

How did you get ghosted for doing this? You can only receive a lot of violations, while the IFATC have the ability to ghost people? You must be next to an active airspace?

I believe if you get 5 violations you automatically get a ghosting

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Happened to me once. Went straight from grade 3 to grade 1 in a snap of a finger

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