Doh! Fell asleep, ran out of fuel and stalled

Noooo, fell asleep playing, ran out of fuel, stalled, got 5 violations and a ghosting for an over speed as I crashed. Guessing there’s nothing I can do about that?

At least with replay I can now see what happened 🙁



Unfortunately, it is pilot’s responsibility to be aware of their flight.


Yup, no matter how much it sucks I’m not sure there is much you can do.
In order to prevent this, I recommend putting an unrealistic amount of fuel in your plane. For a 12 hour flight I’ll normally put 16, just in case 😂


Yeah I have had that happen to me once.

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sounds like top 10 anime sad moments!


Good tip. So annoyed with myself.

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Happened to me as well before. Luckily I woke up to the stall alarm and left the game.

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And this was how a legend was born.

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lol share the replay with us

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Last time l checked that still would not have happened on the casual server… as far as your holiday from expert… but then things might be a changing !

Not sure how to do that?


Here you go

You need to go about two thirds of the way through…


I appreciate that but you know we’re not ACTUAL pilots right? I mean, some people on here might be - statistically - but most of us are just playing a game on our phones.

takes pilot fancy dress costume off

But I am aware I should try not to fall asleep. It doesn’t help that I use IF as my unwind tool after a very long and stressful day’s work.

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A lot of understand where you’re coming from . Good news is… we have casual server. Unless your VA will only allow your hours to be logged under expert server or training server don’t be shy about using the casual especially when you know you’re way to tired to be a “almost real pilot” lol.

I’ve not even looked into VAs yet. Still new to the community forum although you’ve been playing IF a couple of years. Almost up to 300 landings.

I had a lot of violations in the early days but no longer, until last night.

Imagine if you I could do this at school: turn up in class, fall asleep and later during the replay I check out only the interesting stuff 😉


I did a flight last night and was supposed to land this morning (10 hour flight) but luckily I carried loads of fuel, more than enough to land in the morning even though I woke up pretty late.

You should post a video of the replay so we can see what happened ;)