Dogs and Plane Spotting

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So I am going spotting at YMML tomorrow, but we recently just got a dog. She’s a 5 month old Kelpie cross, and I my question to you is do you think it would work to bring her Plane Spotting? I’m not so concerned about whether she will get bored as if she does she will probably just sleep in the car, but I’m more worried about the noise from the aircraft. Obviously we won’t go anywhere where the planes are coming in right over our heads, but if we go somewhere about 100 metres from the runway will she be OK? Thanks in advance.

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Yes they get used to things after a while like airport dog workers dogs are scared when they start at first there pretty much like humans I wouldn’t bring my dog personally because he’s scared of cars and only walks with two people for safety 🤣


You might want to bring her once just to see how she does. One trial run can tell you whether or not you should bring her in the future as well.

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Yeah, but since we live an hour from the airport and have to pick up my step mum the stakes are high…

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Ok, that might change things…
If you’re not sure how she’ll do, then maybe just don’t bring her this time.
I think some dogs are fine with the airplanes and their engines, but some dogs might not appreciate them so much. I guess it really just depends on your dog… :D

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Bring your dog spotting? Okay. Here are a few tips.

  • Bring food and water for both you and her.

  • Bring a leash. If she gets bored, you guys can walk around the designated spotting area.

  • She might bark at the planes, you might have to get used to that.

  • While spotting keep an eye on her.

  • Kelpies are generally medium sized dogs. Make a little sleeping area for her in the backseat if she feels weary. I’m not sure how big she is at 5 months old, but maybe you can prepare this before leaving home.

  • ALWAYS KEEP THE WINDOWS DOWN, preferably half-way down. We don’t want her to get dehydrated from lack of airflow.

Here is a Google page about Kelpie dogs.


If the planes get too loud for the dog, maybe bring some ear muffs. But it really does depend on your dog and whether she would wear them.

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Try what @anon7075715 said
But he left out one thing

Your dog needs some engines and wings

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Should I take my betta fish spotting? 😂 🐟

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