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Hello to all of you around the world.

My name is Jiri and I’m from I was born in beautiful country called Heart of Europe in the city of thousand towers.

I’m back. Being with Infinity Flight over past five years was very much learning experience for me - it counting until now. I started as all of you - rookie just download up, hop into fast jet try to take off and do all goofy thinks you see in Top Gun. I have now clue about traffic pattern, ILS, different frequencies - just about anything what is Infinity Flight now.

I have to take one year break for personal reasons.

I’m ready to become one of IFATC members. I know by now that is my plan. If you have a plan and will you can get through. Well, I have both.

I’m ready to read more, train more, learn more and think quicker to react faster and learn from my mistakes.

I would like to kindly ask you to become part of my journey and help me out by shearing you experiences and feed back.

I would like to practice three time a week - time limited as my family, wife and teen daughter are always first.

Please give my full experience and no mercy. Practice with me ground, give always, tower, patterns, sequences, speeds, runway exits, go around, 360 etc.

My airport of choice will be EDDM - Munich or EDDL -Düsseldorf

Please share your feedback about my performance with explanation.

Thank you for you patience to read.




Welcome back, hope to have you with the Team soon! 🥳 this might help you out.

Hello Rafael

Yes, I’m. I’m already registered for IFATC with Wesley Henrich. I was practicing in the past.

I have couple name on my list. How can I invite them to my ATC tread.

Thank you for you reply


Glad to hear you already started. The only way to invite them here is by tagging them.


I don’t know how?

Can you explain please?

Example → @Doggy_House
when you open you can ping me as well

Hi there. It’s time to practice for me.

EDDM opening soon for two hours

Come and evaluate my performance if you have time


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