Doggy_House’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @ EGCC

Airport elevation + 1,500 ft for pattern altitude + 1,000 ft of vertical separation. If necessary round it up to next 500 ft

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I’ll debrief this part and fly again…

There’s 2 things here… (@WesleyHenrich correct me please if I’m wrong as I’m in training too 😉)

  • Pattern altitude: airport + 1000’ (props) 1500’ (jets)
  • Transition altitude: airport + 2500’ rounded up

Around 15:36 (my last landing) exit runway command was way too late (was almost on the taxiway already)

I think you missed my last request for runway change and recleared me for 08R.

Overall that’s good… I’ll take a little break and be back in few minutes if you are still there

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yes, that’s correct. I see your broadcast but don’t hear anything so I clear you as soon as I can. Ill be more careful with exit runway

Ill be still here

Also I contacted IFATC education group and ask for more planes

thanks again



Hey @Doggy_House

Here’s some issues from OK-YEAH Super…

  • Departure:

    • Pushback / taxi: No issue…
    • T/O: Frequency change could have been earlier but you had other planes talking to you so 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Arrival:

    • Good pattern entry for me;
    • Trouble begins with 4X-BEN…you have to pay attention to your airspace. Don’t hesitate to send on guard warning. He calls in 2 miles final. So then you had to rush it’s clearance and forgot his pattern entry instruction (enter straight in in that case).
    • When you cleared him as #1 for landing, don’t forget to resequence me as #2, traffic to follow on final, and after clear me to land as #2 (if not already cleared).
    • Here again exit command around 35… should be given ~ 70-80

I know you had lot of traffic during my first visit but didn’t pay that much attention to other planes commands but it seemed good overall…

Don’t forget…

  • Pattern instructions
  • sequence if not given with pattern entry
  • clearance
  • runway exit…

And if a plane inserts … resequence behind

Hope to fly for you again soon!

Hi is this still open? I don’t see you.

If it’s not open you should edit your title and make it closed.

Hello, can you please edit your title to closed please.

Hello there

Thank you for your email.

I forgot. I will take care of it



Ummm why are you still open😑 can you edit it.

He Probably forgot to switch it.

Just edited it, should be a little more clearer ahem.

KDAL is open now if you have time

On the way in!

Thank you Ashton

Ill be here waiting

Hi Ashton
Are you from Canada? I’m from Ottawa and looking for some Canadian group to join.

Can you advise?

Thank you


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I’ll do some pattern work with a C208

hello and thank you. if you know more pilots , please invite them and need to practice sequencing and is hard to do with two planes

Thank you


I will message you VIA direct message shortly

I’ll look for more pilots, but I’ll throw in some odd balls (requests) for you.

Ok. thank you

let me know what I need to know


Challenge? I like that. Lets see if I can survive.