Doggy_House’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSE] @ EGCC

Hello to all

Please come to train me for my IFATC exam. I need ground control, pattern work, transitions, switching runways. All feedback welcome

Thank you



Arriving at there now :)

what time you closing?

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He’s still open now if you’re interested

Great controlling, I noticed many good practices and only one minor error:


  • Your sequencing was flawless
  • Your taxi instructions were prompt and helpful
  • Your runway switching was great
  • You gave runway crossing instructions often before I had to stop at the hold short line or even before I had to request it myself (many pilots on here love that as it saves us lots of time)

Only con:

  • After my first takeoff, you gave me instructions for touch and goes even before I had asked to do so, remaining in the pattern doesn’t necessarily mean I am doing a touch and go. (Don’t worry this is extremely minor though lol)

Was a great session, had lots of fun and even decided to throw that rejected takeoff in there and you dealt with that very well.

PS: sorry for not giving you transition instructions, my bad. Also you might want to change the title to “closed”.

HI There. Thank you for coming yesterday. let me know when is a good time for you and I will open again


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Hi there
let me know when is a good time for you and I will open up again.



EGCC is open for my ATC training

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Hi- is it still open? I don’t see you

EGCC open, please come and train me


Still there?

I’m still here. come and train me

thank you


Overhead and there’s only the Unicom and London center
training server?

Sorry my bad… I saw EGCC

That’s correct. I change it last minute and move close to EGLL to attract some traffic.

Fingers crossed.

Thank you for coming


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Sorry for that 😱

no biggie I hope that transition ALT was correct

better 3000’

2500 + airport, rounded up

ok, thanks Im never sure

I know is 1000ft for props and 1500 for jets plus space for traffic. is it correct to round up higher? up to 6000ft?

Not higher than the air space you control

1000 and 1500 are pattern alt not transition

ok, so its airport ALT+1000 or 1500 + spacing up to 6000ft?