Doggy_House ATC Tracking Thread CLOSE@EDDM

Hello to all
Please come and practice pattern work, runway switch, speed control with me.

Only serious pilots. Listen and follow instructions.

As usual - send me feed back how I did.

See you @ OMDB

Thank you all


Feedback from: General 575


  • Taxi to runway: ✅

  • Taxi to parking: ✅


  • Takeoff / make ___ traffic: ✅

  • Cleared for the option: 🟧

  • Sequencing: N/A

  • Exit runway: 🟧

Other Feedback:

  • First pattern, the clearance should have been sent earlier (early downwind would be best) which was why I called my position

  • The “enter straight” command was not necessary, that would only be used if I was aiming for 23R or if I was an inbound aircraft that wasn’t in the pattern

  • Runway change was spot on. I wasn’t sure if you were having me switch to 23L after or not because you said “left traffic.”

  • The exit runway command was sent late. For future reference, try sending it at around 80-70kts

Not a bad session, keep practicing! Feel free to tag me next time you open

Thank you

I’ll be same time same place tomorrow EDDL. I will try to tag? You.

Thank you for coming


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OP requested closure