Hello all,
Corporal in the IFF here, and I was wondering, do any of the IF community want to learn to dogfight and really learn to fly? We will be putting our fighter jets to use in aerial battles. I am creating a discord channel which I will put a link too once it is set up. This to join this group, you need to pass a 5 part test, with the first two parts being written and the rest practical. I am anticipating this being the Top Gun of IF. We will have a partnership with the IFF and take part in their displays of they want us. If you are interested reply here or PM me or join the discord when it’s up and pm me there. Open to all who think they have the right stuff.

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Good idea…but l am currently busy reinstalling my 20 mm M61… on my F14…and racking up a couple of AIM-7’s just for a little more reassurance…so you get your elite squad together… and let me know where and when …


Why is this in the Live/VA category?

Couldn’t think of any other place to put it really…

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