Dogfighting Days

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About: Dogfighting Days is an event group dedicated to bringing you the best and biggest dogfights on Infinite Flight. Every week we pick a new aircraft in a different region and create an all out war in the skies. Our event board is made up of @lgsfly @AggieAirlines @Ashton_Liberty and @Pilotmaster2129

Where: All our dogfights take place on the casual server so everyone can join!
Who: We are not grade discriminatory whatever grade you are come join and mess around with us.

Contact: Have any question? Feel free to contact myself or another board member! Go follow our instagram @dogfightingdays

We are already planing our first official event so keep an eye out on the events category for it!

Disclaimer: Infinite Flight does not contain actual firing weapons, our events will be simulations


So, you make events?

Yes sir we do weekly events

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Yes, last night we tested it with 6 people and it was super fun. Everyone flew Super Decathlons and was doing crazy stuff like inverted, stalls, nosediving and pulling up at the last second. It’s a blast


If you guys want dogfighting training, the Cobras are right up your alley. We take people and educate them in the ways of the dogfight

We don’t teach to dogfight, we just fly around and do fun things. We arnt literal ramming people and stuff like that.

If you would like you can PM one of the board members and we can discuss that there!

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That’s my point. We can help educate your pilots

Will do. Driving home now so talk in a few

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