Dogfight Mode Opinions

Note: This isn’t a feature request, so don’t move it, merely an opinion question.

Basically, my question is this: what is your opinion of a dogfight mode in IF, or possibly as a seperate game?
The various app stores are littered with hundreds of dinky “combat simulators”, yet I feel that FDS could make a true combat simulator. Something with their realistic physics, graphics, and skills, just a bit more…violent. I think this would be great if it could be made as realistic as IF. Thoughts?

(Someone feel free to make a poll, not sure how to make one on mobile)

  • I love the idea of a dogfight in IF
  • Not my thing lol I SAID NOT MY THING

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Thanks for making a poll. Nice caps lock by the way 😂. No, that is a feature request, this is just opinions.

Thanks I aim to please ;)

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Come join the IFC Cobras. I’m making a post so be sure to check them out if you interested in dogfighting


If you want to dogfight play warthunder

There is no mobile alternative to WT…

Better get a pc 😂😂😂

*good PC, you mean 😂😂

WT really isn’t that great though, the devs don’t care about squat.

Download RC plane 2 if you want a dogfight mode, I remember playing it when I was 10

Airfighters pro by Rortos has a quite impressive dogfight and missions

Pretty sure FDS has stated that they have no interest in pursuing this.

I don’t think there should be a dog fight option. This is a realistic simulator for professional (ignore Training Server peanuts) users. If you want to do dog fights, you can download a game that is specifically made for that.

It wouldn’t be that realistic.

It is not that good. Physics are way off and not even realistic.

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I leave the dogfighting to battlefield 4 to satisfy me, but if FDS really wanted to make a dogfight combat option it should be in another separate game.

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