Dog Fight Server

Hello IFC! After watching the conversation in the post below I had an idea. Instead of this:

Why don’t we have a separate server with just regions (Like Old IF) where you can have dog fights with other military aircraft!

Why I think this is a good idea

I think this is a good idea because a lot of people (mostly GAF) would like to have air battles in IF. If we were to have another server dedicated to just this (Like in Xplane mobile). It would be awesome to have this in IF.

This is a pretty interesting idea, I like it.


This would get out of hand way to quickly, as if it’s implemented, somebody can just spawn kill you.

Same I like the concept
Maybe change the name to “dog fight server” ? Idk


There’s many thing that you can do to prevent this.

May be a good concept. But too expensive, to run another server that would probably barley have anyone on it. The GAF (VO) in this game does dog fighting simulations. They have something that works so, why not have a look at them and see if it’s something you would like.

No this isn’t advertising not part of the VO

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Why create another server when you can use the Casual Server right now? 😒


But you cant shoot down?

That’s pretty much all that happens in Casual anyways 😬

Shooting other aircraft will never come. Carry on…


I think this kind of violence will never be made.

I wouldn’t classify this as violence. It’s dog fighting.

UsE tHe CaSuAl SeRvEr FoR yOuR sHeNaNiGaNs.