Dog Dies on United Airlines flight at the fault of a Flight Attendant


I’ll have to disagree with you here. If a person is working for an organization, they represent that organization, whether they like it or not. If someone receives good customer service from an employee, they’re quick to give good reviews and recommend the company to others, so why not the other way around?

In light of recent negative events occurring at United, it was their responsibility to be proactive and give their employees, especially the frontline ones, who directly serve the customers, a heads up on how to prevent or handle such crisis in the future, which they failed to effectively do. Besides, they did accept full responsibility for the incident.

If investigations do find the flight attendant responsibile for the death of the dog, she should be held accountable and local laws should fully be applied, even if it means jail time.


You can go to jail for animal cruelty however that will all depend on the prosecutor and the judge SHOULD it get to court. Animal cruelty can be a misdemeanor or a felony. Which one, if any, the flight attendant is charged with remains to be seen.

United is headed to litigation over this, there’s no doubt about it. I would say it all depends on the woman who lost her dog, how far she is willing to take it.

Another interesting fact is jurisdiction on this. Is it Harris County? Or is it federal since it happened on the plane at the airport? I would believe it will be in the counties, but again, I’d rather not speculate.

I will definitely be following this story. As a staunch animal advocate and animal rescuer, I’m appalled at the chain of events but won’t pass judgment until all the facts are in the open.


And if it was your dog, you’d be curled up in the fetal position crying like a child. Have a heart kid. Some things are better left unsaid.


Yea, that is true. I wonder if the mother will take this to court. In my opinion, they should.


Yeah did I say I didn’t love dogs I don’t even like cats


Did this happen because the FA was trained terribly wrong OR did this happen because the FA made a mistake in her judgement OR did this happen because the FA did it on purpose?

I think it was terrible error in judgment and she didn’t do it on purpose. Who tells a person to put her dog in a place where it will die, on purpose? Yet, is it was a mistake that really should not happen.

Here’s another thing: The last thing I want to do here is to blame the owner of the dog. But personally, I’d never ever put my dog up there and leave him there for the whole flight even if the FA would force me to. You just need some common sense to realize that this won’t end well. I don’t get why there was no other passengers realizing that and standing up for here, when the owner just followed the instructions of the FA. And why did nobody check on that dog during the whole flight?


Sucks for the poor animal.
Can’t believe flight attendants can be so stupid. Pathetic.


This has got to be one of the worst moves the United flight attendant would do. The poor dog did not deserve to die.

I am mad and sad that the flight attendant had to do something like this.

R.I.P. dog, just know that it wasn’t you who did this, but the “kind and friendly” staff over United. :(


Doesn’t make sense why a trained flight attendant would think its reasonable for a dog to be put in the overhead bin. Wouldn’t another FA notice something wrong? Idk something isn’t right. Doesn’t seem to be much common sense in play here by anyone.


The only reason I can say about this is the flight attendant was the lead flight attendant. I don’t know for sure if she was the lead flight attendant or not, but if no one else comes to stop her, maybe she must be the lead flight attendant and therefore, has authority.


If my boss is doing something obviously wrong at work, I’ll tell him. If he won’t listen, than it’s his fault. But at least I spoke up. It doesn’t help anybody if he would make a mistake. Not him, not myself and most importantly not our customers.

If subordinates are afraid of telling their superior that he or she is making an mistake than the whole company has a problem which needs to be dealt with immediately. That’s not how this system is supposed to work.

Imagine this situation would happen in the cockpit. The pilot makes an error during approach and the FO realizes it but doesn’t speak up. Who’s fault is it in case there would be an accident? The pilots fault for making the mistake, or the First Officers fault for not trying to prevent it?

A subordinate needs to have the possibility to voice misgivings in front of their superior. And he must be able to do so without being afraid of bad consequences for him. There’s no space for discussions about that.


The dog that died was a French Bulldog.


Just because they represent an organization doesn’t mean that organization is at fault for their choice. United Airlines did not cause the dog to die. The flight attendant caused it to suffocate (I think that was the cause of death?). There’s a big difference between an employee and an employer.
For example I work at McDonald’s. If I were to get so frustrated with a customer that I drop kicked him and he went into a coma, I would be to blame and McDonald’s wouldn’t. Nobody in their right mind would look at my hypothetical action and say “gosh this is why McDonald’s is terrible”. They might say “Gosh this is why McDonald’s needs to be careful who they hire” but the corporation never caused or forced me to do anything.

Same example with United. People should not be looking at United like “gosh this is why United is terrible”. They should say “this is why United needs to train their FAs better and/or hire better”. Case closed my friend


I see what you are trying to say, and I agree with that. However, we don’t know what was going on through the minds of the flight attendants when one of them was telling the woman to put her dog in the overhead bin. Like I said, I don’t know if the flight attendant responsible was the lead flight attendant or not. But that may be a possibility


Now that’s a quote I can get behind. Thank you for realizing it’s the FAs fault and not the Airlines. You sure are intelligent.


Just because one FA did that mistake doesn’t mean that ALL FA’s are stupid. I have family in the aviation industry mainly as FA’s and I find what you just said quite insulting. Hopefully you didn’t mean it like that. Just please be mindful about what you say and who receives it. :)

As said above, I am NOT saying or defending this flight attendant, I believe she did a horrendous act. I am just pointing out your wording.


I disagree.

See, I work for a bank. You don’t believe how many customers come to me and blame me for something that wasn’t my mistake, just because I work for the company. That’s normal. You represent the company you work for. If someone is making a mistake in that company that has a bad outcome for the customer, it will not only affect the employee that made the mistake.

The reputation of the whole company will be damaged. Of course, you can’t the blame the whole company. It’s not everyones mistake. But you represent it and you’re actions will definitely have effects on your company and it’s reputation.

This also happens in this United case. Of course it’s not the fault of the whole company. But the reputation will be damaged anyway because the mistake was made by a representative of United.


Same with me, why’d this happen 😞


Never did I say that United airlines is the sole cause for the dog’s death. They failed by not adequately selecting/training staff.

Let me put it simply.
Fault = Flight Attendant
Flight Attendant = United Airlines
==> Fault = United Airlines

You’re mistaken by the whole notion that employees do not represent their employers, they infact do.


And I have to disagree with you as well.

It’s not United Airlines fault, as long as they’ve trained their employees in the right way. It’s the FAs fault as well as the fault of her colleagues who didn’t speak up.

It’s not Uniteds fault, but it is United Airlines which has to take responsibility and which has to take actions. It’s not Uniteds fault, but it’s the reputation of the airline which will be damaged because the FA represented United Airlines, as you stated correctly.

You can’t blame the whole airline as long as they’ve trained the employee right. But you can expect them to take responsibility for it because the mistake was made by one of their employees.