Doesn't record landings

I takeoff and go to another airport in casual server, land and everything and the landings just doesn’t appear in my profile, I tried turning off engines and other things, does anyone know what do I have to do?


Usually the landing is recorded when you exit the app by pressing the “End Flight” button. If you force close the app it may not show up.


Isn’t it synchronize during the flight every 5-10 minutes?

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I think you’re right, but a little bit faster than 5-10 minutes I thought

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P.S. … Only now I got that this screenshot doesn’t proof my words 😂

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I was already confusing XD

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So when you’re flying patterns you can check you stats every 5 minutes. Also you should know how to land to earn XP and landings

But do I need to go somewhere? Because I usually just land on the runway and click end flight but even after doing that it isn’t recorded

After you end your flight, check your stats page by going to your name in the corner and then pressing the (i) icon next to your grade.

Try staying on the runway for at least 10 seconds or so

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For a landing to count I would recommend slowing down quite a bit before accelerating again if doing touch and goes and make sure all your wheels fully touch the runway.

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