Doesn't it ATC voice is now slowly little bit compare to last week or two?

I felt that ATC voice is quite slow when I send command on Unicom or to ground.
Anyone experience same phenomenon?

I haven’t had any issues yet with iPhone 6 iOS 9.2. I have only been playing with the quick fix update for around 10 unites now though.


Maybe the ATC lady is just having a bad week ;) Everyone’s allowed a few bad days :p lol
But I’m on Android and I’ve had no problem. Yet.

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I thought I was just imagining it, it’s only very slightly slower for me, barely noticeable.

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I moved category since other user is experiencing same issue.
By the way my device is IPad 2 and I tried with IPad air but issue was still the same.

i cant tell sadly i will listen more carfully next time sorry Happy Landings !!!

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Don’t worry about it, but thank you for try to assist:)

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NP anytime

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More information that I found out

is that I’m now feeling like this issue is depending at Airport or frequencies.