Doesn't allow me to login

I was playing around with my settings since i was bored, so i unlinked my IFC account and disconnected from my pro, then when i wanted to log back in this happened

i tried multiple times and waited 5 minutes before doing so, but still. Any help?

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Try to reinstall the app I had this problem too one day and on me it’s works to reinstall the app and then installed it new.

Try a reinstall if possible, it should work

Cancel your subscription and buy a subscription again, don’t worry, it won’t get your money twice. It happened to me I solved like that.

This is the reason. You’ve unlinked and are now trying to sign into something that leads nowhere :)

Try the following:

  • Tap “GET PRO”
  • Tap “I already have an account”
  • Tap “Restore to default account”.

That should do it.

thats what i did, i meant like when i disconnected i pressed the revert to default, its still not working tho.

try mine one.

thats for if i just got it… i got my sub a while ago

If schyllbergs’ didn’t work, try reinstalling or doing a solo flight or unlinking then relinking. Other than that, not sure what else.

What are you seeing after tapping “Restore to default account”?


Have you checked your internet connection? or if you are using a VPN?

my internet is fine, and no im not using a vpn

Do you have another device to try and login with?

yep, same issue

Fixed now. Found the account and manually re-linked it :)

Next time you’re bored, don’t unlink accounts.


dont worry, i won’t :D

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