Doesn’t the United paint scheme look good on the 787-10?



Probably going to be delivered around October 😁


Looks cool!😍 Will this Aircraft fly to Asian destination?


I think it looks amazing in all 787 variants and in the 737 Max!


Very cool, from now on I think it will be more realistic to fly the 787-10 on the United Livery on Infinite Flight. Still, it looks very good, just like on the other 787 variants.

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This does look very nice, Love the colour Scheme.

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I have this plane on IF and it looks better than my grades in high school


Sadly, United plans to have it initially based in Newark for Europe I don’t think it has enough range for the farther Asian destinations but some of them maybe


I actually did not know this. Glad they’re basing the new Dreamliners on the east coast. There hasn’t been much Dreamliner activity at United’s east coast hubs (IAD has a handful of -8s operated there, but no Dreamliner appearance at EWR as far as I know).

I think the plane is perfect for European routes. I’m not sure what the seat configuration is but I imagine the seat count is close to their international 777-200ERs or their 777-300ERs. Do you know if the seat configuration has been released yet.

We’re just a few weeks shy of the delivery so I presume some details might’ve been released.


I think they are planning to use it to replace the 777-200 on some routes and even expand their routes into Europe. Later on they plan to also bring the -10 to IAD as far as I know they will only be based on the east coast but they might move them to the west coast for European routes also as Asia might be a little too far

OMG, I read the title of this topic sooo wrong. I thought it said, “The Paint Doesn’t Look Good on United 787-10” and was about to argue that it looks LIT 🔥

That’s what happens when you sleep to little during night, and too much during daytime, you read it wrong 😝

Anyway, just like on the 787-9 variant, on the -10 it looks just as good. It’s nice to see the brown colored stripe running through the longand beautiful fuselage. It looks very elegant!

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Thanks for that. I’m excited to see them fly very soon. Can’t wait to finally replicate a real United 787-10 flight in IF :)

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Are there any news on what possible routes it’ll fly on?

Is EWR to FRA a possibility, since today they have the 777-200ER on that route, daily. Swapping it out for the 787-10 wouldn’t be a bad idea since FRA is a mjor hub in United route network.

I think they actually utilize a 777-300ER on that route twice a day.

The 2018 summer season for United Airlines is coming to an end which means over the next few months, they’ll introduce expanded or new routes for the 2019 summer season (there has already been 3 new route additions announced for 2019 so far). I’m thinking most of the routes that have a high consistent load will get the 78J upgrade.

I think this aircraft is more economy class heavy than premium so I imagine it’d be assigned to routes that have a lot of economy/leisure passengers versus premium/business ones. I did read that the 78Js will have a Polaris business class though. Time will tell.

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Last time I was at FRA, that is this summer, they had a 777-200ER parked at the gate just in front of me. From where I was sitting in the terminal, the gate to my left, there I could see a 200ER that had just arrived from EWR…

Maybe one time occasion?

I have no doubt about that. I just know I’ve seen it on Flightradar24 a bunch of times operating EWR-FRA. I’m sure the 77W and 772 get switched often. :)

That’s true, so the 78X will most likely not fly on a EWR - FRA route then.

The way the gold line is curved down the plane on their new liveries makes the planes look so much more sleek

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United’s livery looks good on everything imo

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