Does your local airport provide food (Catering) services?

Does your airport provide catering to airlines? Some small airports I think have catering trucks.

My airport, the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, apparently has catering for Southwest Airlines, as they’re a major tenant at MHT. It’s pretty cool seeing these at a small airport.

Does your small airport have catering?

  • Yes
  • No

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Our company base doesn’t, thank God for Uber eats


Yep! Only to long distance and international flights however. Regional flights usually less than an hour get snacks.

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I mean, if you call Fort Lauderdale International small then yes. I see those trucks all the time for South West driving around the airport.

Yes, all the time!

Btw, you might want to make a poll saying either yes or no :)

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My airport doesn’t have any airline caters, but there is a pretty bomb sub place on site…


My local airport is Toronto Pearson so yeah lol. The other option is Toronto City which is Porter’s hub, so it has catering too.

MSP being a large Delta hub has all sorts of them.

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The major ones at my home airport BWI are I believe LSG Sky Chefs, and Gate Gourmet

Well, my home airport being LAX they serve just about everyone.

My local airport is Blackbushe Airport (EGLK) and it has a great cafe for pilots and passerby’s alike.

In air catering is a case of picking up some sandwiches before going to the flightline…

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Hmmmm My home airport is Singapore Changi (WSSS) and it sure does have catering services… there are in fact 2 caterers based here :)

My little GA airport ICAO-EGBO definitely doesn’t 😂

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I have the SkyChefs at my airport

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Oxford airport doesn’t server commercial flights so no ;)

But my nearest commercial airport is EGLL, so I guess that doesn’t count.


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