Does your aircraft pause when you change settings in control centre?

Hello Community,
I wonder if anyone knows if this is a thing and correct me if I have posted in the wrong section. Basically every time I try to change the brightness of the display on my iPad, my IF pauses, where the pause menu pops up, and tells you to resume of course.
The question I am trying to raise here is if your aircraft pauses in the middle of the airport or taxiway when you do so. I believe it would make a bad day to pilots are nearby seeing others disconnecting.
If this is thing, are there any sort of solution that can prevent this from happening?
Many thanks.

Since you’re on live, it will “pause”, but you’ll continue to move forward regardless until you lose connection with the server. So… don’t do that for obvious reasons.

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Not sure if there’s anything you can do to really “fix” this. For some reason, IF always pauses when the control center is activated, even though many other apps don’t seem to do this.
Just try to do your brightness-adjusting before pushback. Or at least on a stretch of taxiway where you’re stopped or don’t have 10 aircraft in queue behind you.

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One thing that I would like to note is that he auto brightness bumps the display brightness up very frequently unfortunately and I have to manually lower it in order to even stare at the screen and land the aircraft.

It might be a feature request for IF not pausing when control centre is activated. I am not going further or else it will be off topic. 😀


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