Does Vueling Virtual work?

I applied to join VA a few weeks ago and got a response a week later. The reply letter got into spam so I replied 2 days later. But nobody answered me back.

Vueling Virtual are still a VA and @DanG387 is the CEO. Maybe send @VuelingVirtual or Dan a PM!

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Already done.

Just give them some time, obviously the folks at Vueling Virtual have their own busy lives as a priority. If you don’t receive a response for an extended period of time, feel free to bump the PM, or if it becomes a significant amount of time (3-4 weeks, for example), you can shoot @IFVARB a message.


I know, I just wanted to ask if I should expect a response or VA is inactive.

The best choice would be to wait for a response. Alternatively, you could ping the CEO @DanG387 directly as it doesn’t appear that the VA account had been very active recently.

It’s not uncommon for a VA to take a few days, sometimes even weeks to respond to an application. The IFVARB website still lists Vueling as active, so they’re very much still around, don’t worry.

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Not always, the stats, numbers, and activity don’t change immediately.

I’d recommend waiting a few more days. Many VAs say “expect a reply between 24-48 hours” or something like that. If it is extends the double of that, as in 4 days I’d recommend just leaving it until they reply, if you’re super interested, keep bumping, but not spamming. If they don’t respond, to the VARB you go. you can also see how many views are in the PM, if they’ve viewed it, and not responded with at least a wait message, that’s another issue.

Hi @Champloo

As much as we appreciate your enthusiasm, I don’t appreciate this kind of topic especially because we are trying our hardest to get through plenty of applications at the moment as many of our staff are busy with their Summer Vacations. It does take time for applications to be processed at all VA’s and as many of the people above me have said. For future reference please PM us and leave us time for a suitable response to be made instead of showing our application and induction messages on the forum.



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