Does voting on a feature really work

There is all the features requests that ask for something then you can vote for it. But can someone tell me what the purpose of voting is. Most things are going to take a long time if ever added and things with 500 votes get done rather then something with over 1000. Now I know if can only do so many things at once and all the work they do is great. But I just wanna know, does it really make a difference whether or not I vote for something

Every vote counts, that’s for sure :)


I think the voting system is double-sided.

  • First, if a feature has 1100 votes, this feature will get a headstart when a rework is initiated. This feature will be worked on over a feature with 50 votes.

  • Second, voting also indicates whether a feature interests people or not. For example the F/A-18 has less votes than the A380 but the team chose this feature first probably because the GAF and military simmers would prefer the F/A-18.

The point is that there is the demand, and voting certainly indicates that amount of demand.

However these are my thoughts and how I think voting works.


We should vote on the answer

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