Does trans-oceanic travel always have issues?

I was wondering if you fly economy overseas do other people always have issues with the airline or is it just the lower fare the worse service you get because 18/20 I have always had issues with the carrier. Does this happen to anyone else? Is it just bad luck?

In most cases it is you get what you pay for. If you pay low fares expect low quality. If you pay high you will get high quality service. What carrier do you fly with


All difffrent types, on my latest trip I flew with American Airlines. I got diverted to Japan’s Tokyo’s Narita Airport when I was supposed to be at China’s Shanghai’s Pudong Airport

sounds like bad luck


I normally fly HKG-YVR on cathay and the cost are a little expensive overall they are great and its what you would expect, good food, good entertainment and it was fine. I used to fly SYD-YVR on Air Canada. Same cost but it was a longer distance. Overall it wasn’t that good but it wasn’t really bad. You still had some food (even though the quality wasn’t 100%), entertainment was slow and limited but this was 5 years ago. Like i said you get what you pay for

Thank you tacobell1015 I will keep that in mind next time I fly I do know that usually Asian airlines have better service

Just asking Chad what airline do you usually fly? I have heard that Asian airlines have better service

No, diversions usually do not really have any bearing on the quality of the airline. I’ve found some low price gems over the years, you’ve just got to do your homework before you book.

Justin no

Air China and China Eastern sucks

CX, CI, NH, JL, BR, SQ are the decent ones

On the border line, Asiana and China Southern

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I don’t agree with CX having good food in Economy

its better then Air Canada. most of the time I’ve been flying business, I still don’t mind the economy class though

That’s why you’re good. Business class

the last 2 times I flew was in economy. Ive flown business maybe 3 times

Danman, Diversions I think do have an effect on the quality of the airline because it requires skill on how well the airlines can get people from a to b

Asiana is good for service but not good for piolet training. Rememeber China Eastern is a budget airline. Airplane food is never good

Wait, so what you’re saying is that an airline should ignore a medical emergency and not divert because it’s “skillful”?

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I think they should rename economy to you get what you pay for. 300 dollars ain’t enough

I don’t think China Eastern is a budget Airline

Wait, where can you find a TPAC or TATL ticket for $300? I wish I got those tickets, I thought paying $495 for a TPAC fare was a steal.

Wow air has Los Angeles to London for like 400 I think