Does this mean I’m banned from the expert server?

Hi, I’ve been playing IF for a year and yes I have also read the new expert server rules which are brilliant. But I would like to know if this means I’m ban and how I can get back onto expert. Thanks. image


The new rules for Expert Sever are

  • After 5 ghosts, you are denied access for 12 months
  • After 15 ghosts, you are banned permanently
  • No more than a 50% violation to landing ratio, so basically for every 1 violations you need to have at least 1 landing

This only applies to IFATC ghosts and not system ghosts .

Btw, Happy Birthday! ;)


Ahaha thank you @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF. Wait but does 5 reports mean 5 ghost in 12 months?

Yes, it does. As long as you don’t acclimate more anytime soon they will gradually wear off.

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A rolling 12 month period. Like the rolling 7 day period for grades or 90 day rolling period for landings.

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