Does this happen with anyone else?

a330 has kinda weak engines so i climb around 2000-2000 fpm

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If thats happening, you might be trying to climb at too slow a speed


I assume you mean IAS? Do you mean too far back on the drag curve, giving the engines an extra burden?

I just tried sea level takeoff just below MTOW, A330-300, autopilot settings IAS 230kts, VS 1800fpm.

It seemed like enough power until the headwind progressively turned around to an increasing tail wind. As it did this the throttle increased from somewhere above 80% to 100% in an attempt to maintain the 230kts setting.

The wind shift was actually winning for awhile (I was completely hands off).

Eventually around FL280 it was at full throttle trying to keep up even without the wind shifting.

A tail wind is all well and good once you’ve settled in to it, but I never thought it might be a climb power issue.

though it was interesting to see how changing wind could have some effect on available power for ascent, it still has never caused me problems because
1)if I’m at my device, I would lower the nose if throttle was struggling, or
2)if away from my device, I would use a very safe lower VS setting, in particular when heavy

A330 engine is awfully weak so I’m not surprised that it is struggling to climb dont really recommend it for long haul due to the weak engine

Heavy A330’s climb slow in real life. (general statement). They usually need step climbs and fatter ascents (general statement) They are fine for longer flights. Just look up performance data online to help

reduce your vs to 1500 and less. Keep your N1 at 92 to 87% , whatever speed that creates. After you reach 15,000 ft climb at 1000 fpm . That should keep you ok up to FL320 or so. A330 at MTOW or just below is slow and needs step climbs

I happily use it for long haul. It wasn’t my intention to criticize the performance. I was looking for blind spots that people might encounter. I was interested to observe the effect of change in wind as I ascended. But nothing here is an issue if you pay attention to the changing environment and have some practice. And make the appropriate settings in the case of a hands off ascent.

Yes, thank you. I don’t have a problem with ascent. This was just a test.

Yeah it’s weird, It happens to me everytime I try to start an AFK Flight, I leave my V/S up to 3500/4000 FPM and a few seconds later I am stalling,

This is why you’re stalling. Not sure why some of you are using these rather extreme vertical speeds…


Thats an extremely high vertical speed rate.

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I wish some users would take a little time to study real world performance data. If they are too lazy to read there are thousands of cockpit videos on Youtube that will show them real world procedures for almost every plane known


There are published decent rates for most aircraft.
Maintain speed control to stay close to these numbers and you will be ok.

No I climb at 300kts till about 34,099

way too fast

What is your intention?

F22 15000 vs wait at 100% load works though

it depends how much percent your load is. For example above 75% I would definetely instad of 3000fpm - < 10,000ft to 2600-2400fpm < 10,000

and above of 10,000 try to keep 2,200fpm

That still won’t work coz of weak engines and varying wind conditions…V/S has to be lower than that dude !!