Does this happen with anyone else?

So every time I pick an Airbus A330-300 it has to stall no matter the weight or the power setting !! I have to keep my V/S really low to prevent stall and still it barely manages to climb initial 6000-7000ft. Does this happen with everyone ? Are the engines on A330-300 weak ? I checked my flaps settings and AOA too everything is fine just like I fly the other aircraft but I have noticed, the A333 is always on the verge of stalling if I keep my V/S around 2500-3000 at more than 80% load and VR ~ 151 kts…gets stable around 175kts then starts decreasing and I have to pitch the nose down less than 10 degrees. Sometimes this also happens on the A330NEO but not quite as often as A333 !!

Device: iPad Air 4th Generation
Operating system: iPad OS 15.4.1

P.S : If I’m doing anything wrong here while operating the aircraft please feel free to guide me or in giving instructions on operations…I have always flown this aircraft by seeing its performance profiles and other statistics !!


How many aircraft do you see climbing at this rate in real life, with this load? Seems like the answer is here :)


That’s quite a steep climb out VS.

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Cut it by half, if not more.


As I mentioned I saw performance profiles and I fly accordingly…so it mentioned that below 10,000 I can keep 3,000 feet max !! Is 2500 also too high ?

Alright !! Gotcha…thanks for helping :)

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It’ll probably be okay below FL100. But as soon as you go above that, you need to shallow out quite a lot. What profiles have you been looking at?

So for the Airbus A330 here are the profiles, I make notes on each aircraft so I can use it when I do a flight !!


But what are those based on?

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From the same link you just provided & also my observation from flight trackers

The a330-300 always felt a bit underpowered to me even when I’m quite light.

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that is a very steep climb for a A380 the bigger the plane the less VS. on climb i keep it at no higher than 2000 but if it doesn’t change with significantly less weight it might be an app issue.

The Op is referring to the A330. It’s known to be sluggish in the real world.

The A330 can handle acceptable climb rates, sometimes it’s best to hand fly them up to 10,000. Pitch to maintain a speed and throttle for altitude. In this case, there isn’t an app issue since it has been widely used both before and after its rework.

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I’m currently flying the A330-900.
I took off with 70% load and had no issues at all.

No, it’s not as powerful as some other aircraft in it’s class (777 for example)… so you can’t expect to handle them in the same manner. When i started to get above FL200, i had to keep an eye on my thrust and vertical speed and make small adjustments. But there was no issues climbing straight up to FL380.


90% power and climb out 2800 v/s til 10,000 and then reduce to 2500 v/s.


I’ll leave this here in case you want more references. TLDR: It’s a little underpowered compared to heavies you might be used to, it’s not broken you just need to be a slower on the climb V/S.


If a typical climb to cruise might be 20min, that would be an average of 2000fpm if it was from 0 to 40,000ft.

If you’re light and low you can be comfortably above such average. If heavy and high you need to be below that.

For a given load start out somewhat more and end up somewhat less as you get into thin air. Can you maintain enough thrust to sustain flying speed at a fixed vs setting?

I saw some reference to an a340 dropping off to 500fpm near cruise and taking as much as an hour to ascend(??).

The main point is that you can’t expect to set vs on the autopilot at the average climb rate and then leave it not expecting a stall.

If you want to walk away and let it climb on it’s own, be very conservative about setting vs well under a reasonable average climb rate.

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Yes, the A330-900 as no problems with that !! It was just the A330-300 and after the first 6000-7000ft. the aircraft gets stable and cruises smoothly to desired FL !! Thanks for an update though :)

Tried and tested !! It’s load that plays the big game…

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Yes this happens to me all the time I could have only 1:00 of fuel and it stalls on a V/S 200 climb