Does this annoy anybody else too?

When the American Airlines livery was added to the A319, it got sharklets for wingtips. But on the American Airlines livery for the A320, it has those other wingtips by Airbus. IDK if this is actually something real or not, but I once got off an American A320 with sharklets, and then proceeded to board an American A319 that didn’t have sharklets, but the other wingtips. Thanks!

It would bother people even more if it were any different.




American has sharklet and wingtip fence versions of all there A320 Aircraft including the A321 and A319

What’s really crazy is there’s a wind limit depending on which type of winglet/sharklet you have. The only AA aircraft with the sharklets are the 319S with CFMs and the 321s with IAEs. The sharklets definitely look way cooler though!😂

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Huh I guess you learn something new every day. Thanks guys

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