Does the trim tab work?

When ever I’m flying larger airplanes, especially the 777-300ER, at slow speeds I cannot stop the aircraft from proposing. Whenever I’m close to an airport and atc give commands for slow speed, with auto throttle on, altitude and speed set the airplane, keeps porposing. Tried the trimming to keep it flying level, but it does not work. Earlier versions worked, but I realized it doesn’t. Am I the only who noticed this?

What is “porposing”? Do you mean leaning back at slow speeds?

If so then that is completely normal. As your aircraft flies at slower speeds it has less lift. To maintain the aircraft’s altitude it must pitch up to gain more lift. If you do not want to have a high angle then you can use flaps.

Trimming is an entirely different thing. Check out the following link:

I do understand using flaps to maintain lift at slow speeds, so you do know that when you put flaps down you will get lift. Trimming nose down will keep it flying level. What I’m saying is the trim tab does not work. In earlier versions it did.

what is the configuration of your aircraft, your speed, and your weights when you experience this?

Changing the setting of a trim tab adjusts the neutral or resting position of a control surface (such as an elevator or rudder). As the desired position of a control surface changes (corresponding mainly to different speeds), an adjustable trim tab will allow the operator to reduce the manual force required to maintain that position—to zero, if used correctly.

Moving the trim tab makes it easier to keep the elevator at a certain angle. It doesn’t make the nose level. Trimming down will increase the amount of control input by the autopilot to keep the plane level. If you trim too far the autopilot will not have enough control input, causing the nose to lower, but you to also lose altitude and eventually crash into the ground.

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@Easton_Vernon You cant land with level flights. You have to come at an angle. Dont apply negative trim on landing. You need right trim and flaps for perfect approach. Here is ex. So you need 2, 3 deg angle of attack…


Most of you are assuming that I’m on a glide path to land, of which I’m not. The situation is: ATC have you in a flow pattern that takes you in a sequence which takes you awhile to get to the localized/ glide slope. All that time you’re holding your speed and altitude let’s say 220knt. A 25deg input would keep level flight, but why? Why at that point a nose down trim to counter the lift that amount causes? Let me say again: when I try to trim, it does nothing…does the trim tab works?

Yes the trim works the issue you are having is your use of the trim. Trim isn’t used to change the pitch angle of the aircraft at a certain speed. The way you use trim is you trim for a specific speed not attitude.

If you are going 220 kts with flaps, and flying straight and level. Then have an attitude other then 0°. The only way you are going to change that attitude is by either adding more flaps, or increasing speed.

Go thru this tutorial to get a better understanding of what trim is doing and how to properly use it.

Power for altitude, Pitch for speed Words to live by


@Easton_Vernon… MaxTip: Trim Works. Watch for the little red line to the left in your cockpit trim tab (button). On engine start/pre-taxi recalibrate and insure the redline is neutral. Fail to do that and you’ll have a controllability problem of nose up/down on launch or cruise. Check the red line periodically in all regimes no red indicates center of balance ok/ Aircraft Level/Controls Neutral.
G’day Max

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Gatwick Guy
All the Vspeeds I do observe with flaps extended. Somehow whenever I’m in an extended atc vectoring for landing I get a nose up then nose down attitude continuously, I find that adding more flaps stops it. Flaps at those speed, in the real world would’ve caused a flap overspeed. That is why I tried a level flight flight trim.

Thanks to all who added their comments. I love this game and it’s community…

Just a note: When this game began, while on the ground, I’ve watch my flight surfaces move, including my elevator: full up, then full down. It is not the same now.

Signing off!

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Thanks max.

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